Click here to apply for the A+ IP Accelerator Program
Selected participants will be notified by the end of May 2023. 


Park Star Media is excited to announce the launch of our first A+ IP Accelerator Program , focused on selecting emerging animation talents. The program is designed to foster new original IPs through the process of development and pitching.

In the accelerator program, the selected creators will have the opportunity to develop their own original series and shows and receive exclusive mentoring, support, and resources. They will be introduced to innovative technologies and tools and receive training on how to develop content and push the boundaries of storytelling with the power of AI and more. Authenticity will play a key role in this accelerator as it aims to bring new stories that reflect the creator’s experiences and fascinations. Park Star Media will help to pitch, market, and empower the creator to bring their show to life!

In our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, we are specifically looking for emerging talent with API backgrounds. Park Star Media is excited to empower underrepresented talent and encourage unique storytelling from different perspectives in the animation industry and beyond.

Core A+ Values

The foundation of our accelerator program is driven by:

Authenticity: We value authenticity in all aspects of our program, from the selection of participants to the development of their projects. Our commitment to authenticity allows us to showcase the true diversity of voices and experiences within the animation industry, and empower creators to bring their most genuine stories to life.

AI: Technology enables creators to lightspeed their development process significantly. We aim to revolutionize the way we conceptualize and develop projects by utilizing AI tools and integration. 

Animation: We strongly believe in the power and impact of animation to tell unique stories and share diverse perspectives, while also encouraging creators to stay true to their individual voices and styles.

API backgrounds: We aim to uplift underrepresented stories and voices from different Asian Pacific Islander communities, with a focus on authenticity and showcasing genuine experiences.

More About The Accelerator

Our IP Accelerator Program is committed to providing emerging talents with the resources they need to succeed in today's dynamic media landscape

🌟Mentorship and guidance throughout the development process

🌟Exclusive training on AI and other cutting-edge technologies

🌟Opportunities for participants to pitch their projects to producers, studios, and c

🌟Strategies for navigating the changing media landscape and setting up content strategy across various media platforms such as animation, comics and webtoons, books, toys, video games, digital stickers, character licensing, and more

🌟Special guests across media industries, which includes seasoned professionals and veterans in animation, directing, and more.

🌟Park Star Media will help pitch and bring creators' projects to market. If the right deal is found, then creators will have a role in the project and ownership share. If not, the IP will still belong to the creator!

Through our program, we are creating a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard, contributing to a more inclusive and representative animation industry. 

Click here to apply for the A+ IP Accelerator Program
Selected participants will be notified by the end of May 2023. 

A+ IP Accelerator Leadership Team 

Young Park
Executive Producer

Young is the executive producer of Park Star Media, a creative studio that develops & produces original animation and toy IPs with a focus on API storytelling. His experience as a Korean American producer and creator has led to collaborations with global media companies like Wildbrain, Cartoon Network Asia, Samsung, PBS Kids, KOCCA, and more. As a member of Licensing International's accelerator program, Young worked alongside top licensing executives to create long-term licensing strategies for Park Star Media's original IP.


Nak Yong Choi
Director of Development

Nak (like knock on the door) is a Korean-American director and art director working in the animation industry. His experiences include directing a feature special for Netflix, directing for Disney Jr., art directing on Oculus and Netflix original development projects, working as an XR (extended realities: AR, VR, AI) concept artist at the Walt Disney Studios, development at Cartoon Network, and XR directing for B Dunn Movement.